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HW patents and SW copyright


Deliverable D6.3 HW patents and SW copyright describes the research of the ENGINENCY consortium into Intellectual Property Rights, more specific patents, copyright and trademarks. The research resulted in detailed insights about the ENGINENCY IP and specific actions for the protection of this IP:
- Application procedures are started to patent the innovative hardware results Portable System for Building Interior Inspection and Monitoring Thermographic Scanner;
- The software for B-Core and the 3D viewer is officially registered and protected in all 176 countries that signed the Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works;
- The domain name www.enginency.com is registered, to be used for the public website after finalising the EU ENGINENCY project;
- An application procedure is started to register the ENGINENCY trademark.

Also the ENGINENCY IPR exploitation strategy is formulated aimed at building a robust IP portfolio to strengthen the consortium commercially by creating:
1. A stable consortium: to avoid miscommunication clear understanding of the distribution of IPR (costs and benefits) are of utmost importance to the stability of the consortium;
2. An innovative consortium: this image is essential to attract customers, investors, employees and value chain partners and a high knowledge level enables new innovative steps to turn this into a long term entrepreneurship;
3. Clear agreements with customers: a well-organized licensing model provides clarity in the cooperation with customers, both in direct and indirect selling;
4. A gap with the competition: due to the market potential competition will be tough and the IPR position functions as a barrier for competitors and therefore providing our consortium a commercial benefit.


Resulting from this strategy and tactical goals additional operational actions per form of IP protection are defined to be executed after finalising the EU ENGINENCY project, also considering the costs and benefits of these actions. Operational actions consist, amongst others, of:
- Extension of current patents;
- Additional research in the application of patents for software (in combination with hardware development);
- Reconsideration of the agreements made for the follow-up of ENGINENCY;
- Additional confidentiality measures will be determined to protect trade secrets;
- A number of actions to prevent ENGINECY to be accused of infringing the copyright of third parties;
- The registration of (multiple) trademarks, not only for the ENGINENCY brand, but also for products, tools and services.


The ENGINENCY IPR exploitation strategy, the tactical goals and operational actions will be reviewed and updated on a yearly basis to monitor developments, to secure a robust IP portfolio and to minimize risks due to infringement.

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