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Risk management plan


This report describes the Quality Assurance and Risk Management Plan for the ENGINENCY project. Quality Assurance is included particularly regarding the project results, which in turn will have an implication on Risk Management during R&D and in dissemination and exploitation.

The first part of this report is dedicated to Quality Assurance of the technical deliverables through monitoring and peer-review process. All technical deliverables from the project are subjected to the Quality Assurance process in order to guarantee the desired level of quality of work and reporting. This report shows the path of a review process and the roles and persons involved.

The second part of this report explains Risk Management approach and plan in the ENGINENCY project. It includes the process to anticipate risks and estimate their impacts, as well as to define risk mitigation or contingency measures. An important part of risk management is the risk table in which all risks are defined and explained how to deal with them. Due to the main aim of ENGINENCY at commercialisation of innovative products and services, a special attention is given to risks related with Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) and business plans.

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