Toolset to improve building's energy efficiency
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Information's database and connection with the front-end


This document highlights the need for an interface through which to visualize in a simple way the results obtained from the energy simulation of buildings with the known software TRNSYS. There is a short journey through its features and most notable functionalities for the user, such as the tools offered or its simple use. It also mentions the details related to the development of the application, the software and hardware used, the reading of data and other technical aspects.
The result is a 3D viewer with which to visualize and analyse the energy results of various constructions. Its most important feature is the ability to navigate simulations over time, being able to change the time step and make comparisons. That is, you can do two different simulations for the same model, either in different periods of time or with a different configuration of variables.
This facilitates the taking of more efficient measures for the use of energy.

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