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Upgraded Building Model. Ready to be filled in with automatized measure


The main objective of the present report “D1.1 Upgraded Building Model. Ready to be filled in with automated measures” is to describe and explain the results of the Work Package 1 - Software Upgrade, in particular from Task 1.1: Data transfer protocol to existing frame to Task 1.4: Thermal and Electrical Upgrade including also the Task 1.8: Code tests. On the other hand, Task 1.6: Expert System and data mining is included in the deliverable “D1.2 Requirements for the Expert System”, and the results from Task 1.7 Energy management software layer are summarized in the deliverable “D1.3·3D Simulation SW layer”. The software developed is named BCORE, a Software as a Service (SaaS), able to simulate and calibrate a building model, using TRNSYS as calculation engine, in order to obtain a model adjusted to reality available to implement Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs). Throughout this document, everything related to the model of the building is defined, from its generation to its simulation and calibration. The result is a developing software in a stage prior to its commercialization. The improvements and updates made to the program will be described in detail. The application developed is an advanced technological solution for simulation over automatically calibrated models.


The main points dealt in the present report about the upgrading building model are the following:
• Input data to the software, both external and internal.
• Automatized simulation and calibration.
• Principal upgrading and improvements of the program.

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