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Futurasmus GmbH (futurasmus-knxgroup.de) was founded in 2009 under the umbrella of the Futurasmus KNX Group, being Futurasmus S.L. (funded in 2001) its only founding partner. It is located in Radolfzell am Bodensee, within the federal state of Baden-Württemberg, very close to the German-Swiss border. Within the Futurasmus group of companies, the German subsidiary is responsible for Germany, Switzerland, Austria and the Benelux.

The company was created with the same purpose as the rest of the companies in the Group, which is, excellency in home and building automation (with KNX standard). For this reason, the staff in the German branch is highly trained in smart houses, both from the commercial and technical point of view.


Products and Services
From consultancy for new manufacturers to the end product, including:
hardware design (selection of the appropriate electronic components, micro-controller architecture, circuit diagrams and layouts with specialized CAD programs, prototypes, moulds for housings, preparation for CE compliance tests…) and software development (parameters specifications, source code for firmware, application programs, GUIs, …)


Key persons involved

Manager & Design & Testing


Project supervision & Design & Testing



Hardware Engineer


Software / ETS programmer



Bookkeeping, Consulting


Futurasmus GmbH’s Commercial Director, Mrs. Katzenmeier, has worked in the KNX Branch for over 15 years and has developed and encouraged very strong liaisons with middlesized and major KNX manufacturers, the KNX Association and, mostly, the KNX Professionals Association Germany (currently, Mr. Katzenmeier, who is responsible for technical support in Futurasmus, is the president of this association).


Futurasmus GmbH, the German subsidiary of the group, is closely involved in the R&D department of Futurasmus KNX Group, which collaborates with several manufactures for the development of home & building automation software and hardware. Some of the devices developed in our premises can be currently found in the catalogue of major manufacturers with worldwide reputation. Our permanent research and development staff and main project manager is composed by six engineers in various disciplines (three IT engineers, two electronic engineers and a communication engineer), all of whom have worked with us for 5-15 years doing exclusively research and development of electronic components (hardware and microcontroller programming) and complex software solutions with multiprotocol interfaces, like KNX, BACnet, Modbus, etc.


Equipment and Facilities
We have in-depth knowledge of various programming languages, like C, C++, Java, JavaScrip, C#, Visual Basic .NET, PHP, FLEX, Android & iOS APP development, ETS manufacturing tool programming, EITT testing tools for preparation of KNX certification, …

Our staff is very skilled on various of the available compilers, IDE’s, programmers and programming methods for programming various micro controller families like the Texas Instruments MSP family, ARM, originally Acorn RISC Machine, ARM Cortex-M3 MCU family like the LPC1759/58 32-bit, etc.

As well as database programming knowledge using various database structures. Data validation, editing, formatting and reporting. Capable of creation of scripts, procedures, or queries in SQL and/or other structured query languages.


Relevant Projects
Up to this date, we have successfully accomplished a variety of development assignments, including standard basic components, but also very complex devices with many advanced functions. We have also studied all the OSI layers of the KNX system stack and partially developed our own KNX stack. An accomplishment that only a few manufacturers can count with, thus giving us a big edge over other development companies. Also thanks to our very valuable practical home and building installation knowledge, achieved during the last 17 years, we are able to specify and develop practice-oriented products with very unique functions.

The company’s starting activity is export and import of KNX certified devices, as well as wholesaling of those components to KNX integrators and companies, and that is still a cornerstone of our business. Technical support and fair prices are the basis of a reselling business that has ensured a continuous growth since it was founded.

Presence in trade fairs, KNX professional meetings, manufacturer’s workshops, product presentations, etc. is an important part of our agenda. This, together with the direct contact with our customers from all over the world, gives us a very close feedback of the market needs (both final clients and integrators) As a certified KNX Test Lab (accredited by the KNX Association in October 2016, including the implementation of a Quality Management System according to the DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025 norm), Futurasmus is qualified to undertake the KNX Compatibility and Interoperability tests for KNX members (in other words, manufacturers).

There are only 15 certified Test Labs in the world and we are the first Spanish speaking one. Futurasmus has also been a very active tranining center since 2003. We have achieved the KNX++ category, meaning that we are one of the few qualified to impart the KNX Basic, Advanced and Tutor courses. We are independent from the manufacturers and also offer other specialized courses and KNX devices seminars. The KNX tutors working in Futurasmus Zentrum (both in the Spanish and German Branches) have great didactic skills and also vast experience in the KNX technology; they have imparted different training courses in private KNX training centres
in various countries, Vocational Training Centres, Universities, trade fairs, congresses, etc.

Finally, the Futurasmus KNX Group has permanent partners in other world regions, such as Middle East, China and Southern Africa.

Main role in the project
Futurasmus GmbH (futurasmus-knxgroup.de) participates in the Enginency project in order to develop new services to improve knowledge of the housing.
Development of a meteorological center, this device, installed in the building, will collect all real-time data and connect to the Enginency in order to deliver our energy efficiency services.















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