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DEMO Consultants BV 

DEMO Consultants was founded in 1996 as an independent consultancy firm SME. DEMO deals with strategic management, technical advice and software modelling for the real estate, construction and civil infrastructure sectors. DEMO Consultants create innovative software products offering tools for investment appraisal, portfolio management, strategic decision-making and maintenance planning. DEMO works for research institutions and government agencies. DEMO personnel consist of building engineers, real estate managers, building economists, and software developers. DEMO Consultants participates in national and international R&D-projects, working in close collaboration with its customers and selected associated companies and individual researchers. Much research focuses on sustainable development, energy conservation and the combination of technology with socio-economic factors.

The mission of DEMO Consultants is to create added values by maintaining a sustainable built environment.

Products and Services

Software product: RE Suite (Maintenance)/RE Reports.
RE Suite uses applications such as real estate development, real estate control, asset and portfolio management, Maintenance (NEN 2767), financial exploitation, energy and security.

RE Suite is for developing and optimising the real estate management. The software is used by professional real estate consultants, such as housing associations and municipalities. It uses and connects with modern techniques and standards: BIM, CityGML, GIS, etc.

Functionalities of RE Maintenance:


    • Input and modification of inspection data via an iPad / tablet PC;
    • Ability to multi-user operation, even in different locations;
    • Suitable for SaaS, client-server environments, but can also be used on a stand-alone PC;
    • Strong focus on security aspects, access rights are adaptable to different user levels;
    • Graphical output of long-term maintenance schedules;
    • The schedules are simply visual editable (with sliding bar start years, adjusting cycles, splitting activities);
    • Fast processing of data, no delay for users;


Condition Assessment:


    • An objective and measurable condition assessment methodology for existing building/building components. A more reliable and accurate method of determining the technical state of a building and the required maintenance action to enhance its durability and service life; offering the possibility of evaluating the outcome of decisions relating to alternative maintenance strategies via an expert system, the feasibility of automating the condition assessment process and the establishment of on-site measurement techniques in order to develop mechanical and multi-sensory devices for dynamic condition monitoring of buildings.


Software Infrastructure: 


    • Development method and modular architecture of our software: DEMO implements innovative software which has been developed in close collaboration with the clients in the direct practice. User groups ensure that the software is updated continuously and adapted to changing user requirements. To provide the users with optimum service DEMO provides online and telephonic customer support to answer your questions.
      DEMO uses the latest techniques in the field of software development such as Microsoft. NET, Ajax, WPF, IOS Object-C, SQServer.
    • Site hosting (European Projects)
    • External service SAAS
    • iPad apps development on 3G and 4G.
      iPad apps: RE Maintenance (condition assessment) and RE Opname (data registration into RE Maintenance).


Main role in the project
Software development. Improvement of Simulations, Expert System and Energy Management, SW layers for communication and end-user dashboards and interface.


Key persons involved
RIZAL SEBASTIAN (male) - PhD, Director of Research
Rizal Sebastian (1976) is Director of Research at DEMO Consultants. He holds a BSc in Architectural Design, an MSc in Construction Management, and a PhD in Architectural Project Management. He has more than 15 years of professional experience as architect, project manager and consultant at ARCADIS and as senior research scientist at TNO in the Netherlands. He is a specialist in collaborative design and engineering, Building Information Modelling (BIM) and integrated procurement. His projects range from residential, office and healthcare buildings, to urban infrastructure and area developments. Rizal has co-initiated and performed more than ten European research projects. Recently he has coordinated EU FP7 Energy-Efficient Buildings research projects PROFICIENT and STREAMER. Currently, he is the Scientific Coordinator of Horizon2020 research project INSITER.

ANDRÉ VAN DELFT (male) - MSc, CEO, Managing director
André van Delft (1970) is the CEO of DEMO Consultants. He holds a BSc in building engineering and an MSc in Real Estate Management (TU Delft, Netherlands). He is an experienced software developer and specialist in developing computer models for the real estate industry with the focus on information management and risk analysis. He has designed and developed software applications for ministries, municipalities, housing corporations, institutional investors and research institutions and participated in several European research projects.

RICHARD DEIGHTON (male) - BSc, Partner and Head of Software Development
is the head of DEMO software development team. He is a senior specialist working on the development of the Real Estate Suite applying his broad knowledge in modern software development languages, as well as hardware technologies and software solutions. He has extensive experience in the field of indoor positioning, BIM and IFC, energy simulations, mobile devices and software engineering for the telecom sector. His expertise includes the development of small real-time embedded systems for data acquisition and advanced software systems for property, financial and energy management.


SANDER BRUINENBERG (male) - MSc, Software developer

Sander is working at DEMO Consultants as a software developer. After completing a bachelor degree in Architecture & Technology he has attained a master degree in Architecture, Building and Planning with the specializations Architecture and Design and Decision Support Systems, both at the Eindhoven University of Technology. In this master course he integrated an architectural component with the development of software applications in the field of BIM/IFC. Sander is experienced in BIMserver, IfcOpenShell, OpenGL/CL and programming in C# and Java. Aside from developing, Sander likes 3D modeling in his spare time. At DEMO Sander is working on the European project STREAMER, as well as the further development of the RE Suite. In these projects he can fully utilize his passion for the creation of new possibilities by the interaction between the built environment and IT-projects.















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