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ICM División Industrial SL


ICM División Industrial SL was founded in 1999 by Chema Cruz Marqués, Industrial Technical Engineer, and was consolidated in 2001. Since then, ICM has established as a reference technical office delivering installations engineering services in the Center and North of Spain.
ICM has proven to offer high quality services in the important installations that it designs, projects and manages in the residential, industrial, building construction, environment and renewable energies, and covers all the aspects from the initial planning until completion of installation.
The scope of our Works is very wide-ranged thanks to the specialization of our team, and every new project is taken as an opportunity to improve, to develop further our know-how.
ICM División Industrial SL belongs to ICM Ingeniería Cruz Marqués, a holding of SMEs, in which all resources of all entities are joint, as well as customers, suppliers, etc. are shared.


Products and Services
In summary, ICM projects, manages, supervises and optimizes installations. More explicitly:


    • Building thermal installations.
    • Low voltage electric installations for buildings.
    • Fuels installations for buildings.
    • Health sector buildings installations.
    • Ventilation.
    • Lighting.
    • Industrial Installations.
    • Infrastructures and installations for urbanizations.
    • Structures computations.
    • High and medium voltage electric lines.
    • Automation of industrial processes.
    • Transformation centres.
    • Energetic certificates for new construction and existing buildings.
    • Energy Audits. Integral energy analysis of installations.
    • Renewable energies: biomass, aero thermic, geothermic, hydro thermic.
    • Building simulations.
    • Environment impact assessments.
    • Environment impact audits: IPPC, ISO 14001, e+…
    • Acoustic studies.
    • Ground pollution reports.
    • Plans for recovering degraded natural spaces.
    • Coaching and education: KNX, Android, GNU/Linux, Environment Management, Environment Legislations, Home and Building Management Systems.


Main roles in the project


    • Coordination.
    • Manufacture of inspection devices.
    • Pilot installation and integration.


Key persons involved
JOSÉ MARÍA CRUZ MARQUÉS (male): Founder and CEO.
Industrial Technical Engineer. More than 15 years of experience as specialist in thermal installations, climate controls, heating, fuels, renewable energies, regulation and control. Since 1999 he has participated in more than 200 installations. Motivated for regulation and control, ‘to study and analyse how to make an installation work perfectly at exactly the energy required, wasting not even a single Watt’.


RUBÉN ZAPATER GARCÍA (male): Industry Manager, Environment Manager and Education Manager.
Industrial Technical Engineer and MBA-Executive. 14 years of experience as specialist in electric installations of high and medium voltage, environment licenses, energetic certificates and urbanizations.


ALFREDO CRUZ MARQUÉS (male): Energy Manager and Construction & Automation Manager.
Senior Technician in electricity. 12 years of experience in electric installations, public lighting, ventilation, home management systems and automation.


DIEGO HONRUBIA GRIÑÁN (male): Installations Manager.
Industrial Technical Engineer. He develops projects related with activity, environment, PCI, electric, compressed air and existing installations regularizations and legal advices.


ENRIQUE MARTÍNEZ GONZÁLEZ (male): Automation and Home Management Systems Manager. Telecommunications engineer. Experience in engineering projects and customized technical solutions. Founding partner of KNX Professionals Spain.


DAVID ESCOBAR CRISTÓBAL (male): Computation Technician and Project Design. Senior Technician in Development and Applications of Construction Projects, Technician in Microarchitecture ICT Sytems and Networks.


Higher Level Education Cycle in Electrotechnical Installations, Medium Level Education Cycle in Consumption Electronic Equipment.


CAROLINA PIÉROLA CRESPO (female): Project Manager.
Industrial engineer. 10 years of experience in Project Management, Structures, Budget Management, Works Management.














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